What Good Looks Like

Avalon has completed several best practice assignments over the past ten years, identifying ‘what good looks like’.

Work typically begins with agreeing with the client in a multi-site business on the ‘best’ branches or units, followed by on-site work with those branches to isolate the factors that make them successful. These factors generally focus on a mixture of people and process, providing a template to the client for business improvement, recruitment and management development.

The Consultancy has also facilitated knowledge-sharing workshops for several vehicle brands, helping to tease out and then spread best practice more widely across motor retailers.

Ask Me a Question

Please feel free to contact me using the form to the right. Alternately there are a few FAQ’s below which may help.

Where are you based?

We’re based in Cheshire, England, but it really isn’t relevant because we prefer to go where the client is based. For example, we’ve worked recently in Bathgate, Swansea, Burton-upon-Trent, Basingstoke, and London.

Are You a One Man Band?

No, Avalon is led by its Director Tim Worrall, but it works closely with three experienced associates who complement Tim’s strategic experience with financial and human resources skills.

Is Your Experience Limited to The Motor Sector?

We have extensive operational, non-executive and consultancy experience in motor retail, but we have worked in over 60 sectors. Recent assignments include work in mobile phones, estate agency, financial services and distribution.

Isn't Management Assessment all About Getting a Gut Feel for a Person?

We believe gut feel is important, or put another way, the personal chemistry needs to be right, but it should be the last 5% of a decision, not the first 95%. By adopting profiling and structured interview techniques, supported by referencing as appropriate, we endeavour to put a degree of science into our processes.

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What Our Clients Say

Thank you Tim for stimulating and helping to guide the debate.

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