Tim Worrall

Since the turn of the century, Tim has been involved in helping to assess dealers and dealer groups on behalf of vehicle national sales companies, in both the UK and Ireland.

In Ireland he was introduced by VWG Ireland to a dealer that was struggling under a mountain of debt following the big crash in 2008. He worked with and mentored the young second-generation Managing Director, supporting the recovery of the business and helping it to return to financial health.

In the UK he has undertaken many such assignments, several of which have resulted in him taking non-executive board positions.  For example, he was introduced to a multi-franchise family-owned group based in North Yorkshire by Barclays bank.  Following a report to Barclays and the company, he joined the board, helping the owner to re-bank and restructure the business, sites and properties over an extended period.  Working with the new bank, Peugeot and PSA produced a successful outcome for the owner.

An introduction by BMW Group UK led to a review of a family-owned BMW/MINI group in the South of England.  The young, second-generation Managing Director accepted Tim’s recommendations and set about implementing them with alacrity and determination.  He invited Tim to help form a board, with Tim taking the chair.  The company has gone from strength to strength and is now a top-quartile performer.

Outside the motor retail sector, Tim was introduced by Connection Capital to a group operating in the mobile phones sector.  He completed a management assessment, reporting to the Chairman and Connection Capital.  He has subsequently supported the Chairman in board and senior management reviews, and helped in high-level recruitment, including the hiring of a new Chief Executive.

During the first decade of the century Tim was closely involved with VW Group UK, helping to assess the management of privately owned dealer groups and potential sponsored dealers.  This involvement also spawned best practice assignments for a number of brands, helping to identify ‘what good looks like’ in the networks.  More recently he has been involved in facilitating knowledge sharing workshops, helping to spread best practice.

Tim is currently involved with Volvo Car UK in supporting their embryonic sponsored dealer programme, using skills and experience from all the consultancy assignments, as well as his earlier hands-on experience as a senior executive in the motor retail sector.