Human Resource Management

Avalon supports CEOs, MDs and other directors with senior management recruitment, selection, and development.

Recruitment work typically starts with identification of the ‘ideal’ person spec., including the desired experience, qualifications, skills, and personal profile, providing a benchmark against which candidates can be assessed. This helps to put a degree of science into what can otherwise degenerate into an exercise in ‘gut feel’; Avalon recognizes the importance of the use of the gut as well as the heart and head, but it should be the last 5% of a decision, not the first 95%!

Recent assignments include supporting the recruitment of a Finance Director in a £200m business, and a CEO in an £80m company, as well as a Senior Team Development project in the same business.

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Where are you based?

We’re based in Cheshire, England, but it really isn’t relevant because we prefer to go where the client is based. For example, we’ve worked recently in Bathgate, Swansea, Burton-upon-Trent, Basingstoke, and London.

Are You a One Man Band?

No, Avalon is led by its Director Tim Worrall, but it works closely with three experienced associates who complement Tim’s strategic experience with financial and human resources skills.

Is Your Experience Limited to The Motor Sector?

We have extensive operational, non-executive and consultancy experience in motor retail, but we have worked in over 60 sectors. Recent assignments include work in mobile phones, estate agency, financial services and distribution.

Isn't Management Assessment all About Getting a Gut Feel for a Person?

We believe gut feel is important, or put another way, the personal chemistry needs to be right, but it should be the last 5% of a decision, not the first 95%. By adopting profiling and structured interview techniques, supported by referencing as appropriate, we endeavour to put a degree of science into our processes.

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What Our Clients Say

Thank you Tim for stimulating and helping to guide the debate’

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