About Us

‘Experience driving strategy’ encapsulates Avalon’s unique selling point, namely over 150 years in senior management, advisory and non-executive roles, all involving people and strategy.

Tim Worrall, Director, Avalon, has assembled a small but highly skilled group of experienced executives to deliver assignments in the chosen fields of due diligence, non-executive work, mentoring, board facilitation, best practice and human resource development. While two of Avalon’s Associates have extensive experience in the automotive sector, the processes and practices adopted are applicable to all sectors.

Avalon approaches all assignments from the standpoint of a comparison with best practice observed over several long careers and 130 management assessment projects in over 60 sectors. The Consultancy adopts an amalgam of on-site interviews, profiling and desk research to reach its conclusions.

Avalon ‘tells it how it sees it’, always concluding its reports with clear findings, conclusions and recommendations, and its clients benefit from this clarity and directness. Tim Worrall is the first to accept he does not necessarily call everything right, but after a career spanning 48 years, he has got more right than wrong. ‘On the way I’ve fallen down plenty of bear traps, and I think I now recognise most of them’ he said.

The Avalon Team

Tim Worrall

Stephen Shepherd

Linda Watson